simple whites - Smilewhites Scam Artist!!

Long Beach, California 1 comment
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I see I'm not the only one who have been scammed by the Smilewhites.I just wanted to try out the trial and nothing else.

Now it's too late. They took a good chuck of my money. Why are these people still in business? The customer service agents have such thick accents you can't even understand them half of the time.

Is that the trick? To frustrate consumers to death?!! They offer to refund me $50 back and that's not enough.

They have no right to my money.Can't anything be done to get rid of these people?

Review about: Simple Whites.



:( Simple Whites policies are designed to fraud consumers!

Where are the bankers and Yahoo in this scam? Simple Whites fraud business is well known to bankers and I'm sure the States/Governors' offices, yet no warnings are coming from them. In addition,

Yahoo posted an article about them, which in reality was an advertisement and not posted as such.

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